Re: What a mess!

Posted by Mac on Mar 7, 2007

I tink your fillet mixture was too thin.

I use a freezer bag with a small corner cut out - like a cake decorater. The goo should be a little stiffer than peanut butter.

Once you lay it on, a tongue depressor - shaped implement will shape it onto a cove.

I don't make my fillets very thick. All you're trying to do is to give the fiberglass cloth a smooth transition between the two panels. Wetted fiberglass is very flexible if you're careful.

Let the fillet cure quite a bit (hard but tacky)before you lay on the fiberglass, otherwise you'll press the cloth into the soft goo and make the fillet all bumpy with your finger tips.

(I often glass after the fillets have completely cured and have had no problems).

Fear not, Matt.

Full steam ahead!



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