What a mess!

Posted by Matt R on Mar 6, 2007

I taped the seams with masking tape tonight, check the keel one last time for fairness, squared the hull and did the front third of the fillet and fiberglass tape. My garage is heated, so I set the temp to 65. What a mess! This is why I don't decorate cakes or do drywall for a living. The MAS epoxy is VERY slow to cure and I think I used too much. I'm used to playing with polyester resin that hardens in about 15 min. I've given up trying to keep the goo where it belongs and now it's up to father time. I'll check it in the morning. Is it normal for a pool of epoxy to form down the keel and the fillet to seep under the bulkhead? I think I should have taped the other side of the bulkhead.