Re: Mill Creek 15 plans?

Posted by Joshua Prox on Mar 6, 2007

Thanks for your input guys! - CLC I'll be in touch, I would like to purchase these plans! Jon, you are right a 13 or a 16.5 are great boats and two that are wonderful to behold, However I think Ingrid is also right here. I The 15 is a lighter boat it also boasts a slightly longer and narrower water line with less rocker in the lines of her hull to prduce more speed, it is however less stable that both the 13 or the 16.5. It does however track well and it can crave a fine turn when put on edge, it also suits our goal of touring the water ways of Alabama! Thanks Again!

In Response to: Mill Creek 15 plans? by Joshua Prox on Mar 5, 2007