Re: Flush Hatches

Posted by Jim E on Mar 3, 2007


The link below is to a bungee how-to on the CLC site , showing installation in a Shearwater hybrid.

There's a good decription, with pictures, of a moby latch installation here:

A third method, external latches, is pictured below. They are bolted through the deck, with a washer to allow easy rotation, and work best if the hatch sits slightly proud. You push it down onto the seal with one hand while rotating the latches with the other.

Cutting can be done with a saber saw (you can drill a row of holes with a 1/16" bit to get started) but it's much safer to do it by hand, slowly, with a bonsai saw. CLC sells them.

The deck is usually glassed first. Makes for a neater edge, and you're going to want glass on the the hatch anyway.

Bungee hold down

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