That is because...

Posted by Brad Shook on Mar 1, 2007 do not understand what pushes people to those limits. It is hard for "us" to imagine what would possess someone to climb Everest (Sir Edmund Hillary and others), swim across the Great Lakes (Michigan's Jim Dreyer) or do something extra-ordinary. I personally DO understand, and have plans 2 years from now to Kayak from Glen Arbor to South Manitou Island, from South Manitou to North, from North to South Fox and from South Fox to Beaver Island to Garden and finally back to the mainland. Some of those are very long crossings, but all of them CAN and WILL be accomplished. My little Island Archipelago trip has nothing in comparison to even the guys from Kayak for a Cure that did an 82 mile crossing across Lake Michigan, but it is pushing oneself to the farthest limit personally and then expanding on that. Sensible or not, it's awesome!

Sincerely, Brad Shook Holland, MI.

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