Re: Willy's Bulkhead

Posted by Willy on Feb 17, 2007

Okie dokie - After taking a break from boat building, Im back to it.

Since my last post I took the whole thing apart and rounded the corners on each hull panel as per the tips section here on the website. I tightened the entire boat and aligned everything up nicely. There are still a couple of uneven places in the keel - but that's for this evening. Here's a picture of the front bulkhead. Notice on the left there is about a 1/2" gap. (It appears my sanding and tightening have removed some slack.)


If I move the forward bulkhead forward until it becomes snug, I'm about 2.5" forward of the location noted in the plans.

NOTE - I did notice something interesting. In the instruction book for the Chessy 16 it notes a beam width of 23.5", but on the first page of the Plans it says a flat 23". If I were supposed to be using the plans dimension That would remove alot of the slack (And the aft bulkhead becomes quite snug (Though there is about a 1/4" gap at the bottom of this as well).

Anxious to hear your thoughts as my wife is anxious to see her boat get past this point :)


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