50 cents worth of time

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jan 28, 2007

and solvents to clean a 39 cent brush?? Doesn't compute.

I put a small cup of lacquer thinner out for when I'm working on stuff intermittantly during the day. When I'm done I drop the brush in there and swish it around a bit. When I need it again in a couple hours, I knock it dry and use it, Then back into the thinner.

If I'm glassing more tomorrow (tape only usually with a brush) I get it back- if I'm done, I chunk it. Not worth my time and materials to clean the thing.

If I'm glassing off and on, I also freeze the roller- you can do that about twice within a day or so before it goes bad. Then get it off and start over. For instance I just rolled the insides of a centerboard case for a 20 footer. The roller went into the freezer while the first coat kicked. Then when I was ready the next day, I reused that roller, then dumped it. No sense making TWO rollers black.

But you can usually only freeze one once or twice - after that it's not worth using that roller.

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