Re: How to clean a chip b

Posted by Dave houser on Jan 28, 2007

I clean chip brushes because they quit shedding bristles after a couple cleanings. I do three baths per cleaning alcohol, vinegar and alcohol with a water rinse in between each. The first bath is alcohol to cut through epoxy that has kicked. The vinegar kills the epoxy but leaves the bush tacky and acidic. The last alcohol dip leaves the brush squeaky clean. You know you have all of the epoxy of the brush when the rinse water does not turn milky. If you want to be cheap you can save the last alcohol bath for the first on the next brush.

Rollers and foam brushes are always trashed. You can freeze brushes loaded with varnish. But do not try with epoxy; they will kick prematurely on the next application.

Best rollers are TIZ twin paks by Wooster.

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