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Posted by LeeG on Jan 28, 2007

Derik, don't sweat it. The precursor to the Chesapeakes, CapeCharles/Patuxents, just used the deck beams. I wouldn't get anymore sophisticated than a cut piece of plywood or stiff cardboard. It's really not a critical issue, I believe ChrisK advocated a straight angle and not a curved top of the sheerclamps. There's an inevitable amount of springback at the edge of the sheer beyond the ringnails which makes all that precision moot.

The only thing I'd watch for is to make sure the ends aren't planed down too much and the inner corner is well rounded over. You don't have to fill in the under side of the deck/sheer joint before trimming/rounding over. Roundover the sheer well and you'll discover that the gaps will be planed down.

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