Graphite and cabosil work

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 27, 2007

Heya, Jullian...if you want a slipperier surface that slides off rocks AND provided a tough finish then you want to use a graphite mixture that combines Cabosil (also known as Silica) which is easily brushed onto the hull bottom. I use just enough cabosil so that the viscosity of the graphite/epoxy/cabosil remains relatively free flowing. That means the cabosil does not mix in to form a thick fluid. I do not know the proper ratio and simply keep adding/mixing until I get the kind of fluidity that I have described above. The Cabosil adds a lot of hardness to the graphite mixture - so much so that when I deliberately rammed my kayak onto very sharp shale rock, there was no gouging, just fine scrapes that are easily repairable at the end of the paddling season. As everyone else has said, Graphite alone only offers lubrication but with added Cabosil you get a harder tougher surface that does indeed protect your boat. I do a lot of ice running in the fall here in Edmonton, Alberta and the mixture does work. That said, I also installed a brass strip along the keel to offer my kayak more protection because I am very hard on my boat. I can't help myself when I see floating ice - I have to run up over it for fun. I hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you require further information.

Robert N Pruden

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