Re: question on length

Posted by Tracy (newbie) on Jan 26, 2007

thank you for all your quick responses I'm almost overwhelmed by all the help :)

No, some how in my looking I over-looked the Mill Creek 16.5 it does seem more manageable size wise. Is it possible to paddle alone if you sit in the middle? (and I must admit to being almost giddy with an idea of the addition of an optional sail, I've never seen a sail on a kayak but it looks like great fun!) But since it is smaller in size I wonder if it will function equally well in the larger waters of lake erie. Opinions? I will also ask the professionals when I call but I just wondered what you all thought.

My other thought is, to my untrained eye, it looks kind of like a canoe. And while my experiance with small boats is limited. I have found my time in a kayak 100% more enjoyable then that in a canoe. I wondered if anyone has ever paddled the Mill Creek 16.5 and what they thought of it.

Although some of the canoes I've been in have not been very nice, (its amazing what you can fix with duct tape:)) and all the kayaks I have been in have all been the short fat plastic kind. So maybe it is an unfair prejudice. But I just like kayaks better. :D

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