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Posted by LeeG on Jan 26, 2007

A tandem is built for two people, you put one in it and it's missing something. In flat water with no wind it's not a deal breaker. The problem is more noticable with a big tandem than a little tandem.

But something as simple as carrying a 21' 80lb kayak to the water by one person is much more work than carrying a 17' 50lb kayak.

Once the wind picks up above 8mph or the waves above 6inches the energy working against the boat and back to that one paddlers wrists and shoulders is MUCH greater than the same paddler in a single.

It's like the difference between carrying a 75lb bag of concrete and a 75lb rolled up wool carpet that's 16' long, 1' in diameter and it's folded down over your shoulders touching the ground. They both weigh 75lbs, but you'll trip all over the place with the heavy carpet.

oh more fun comparisons. Imagine push starting a '68 vw bug four cylinder engine with a dead battery or push starting a one ton pickup with a big V8,and dead battery. Manual transmission of course. The first you could do on a flat road, the second you'd like a down hill run.

to answer your question,,it depends, in some conditions you may not make it off the beach, in others you might paddle for miles and if the wind came up you'd be stuck wherever it takes you.

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