Re: Ches 17 vs 17LT vs 18

Posted by LeeG on Jan 26, 2007

I was in a similar boat,,er,,when choosing between a Ch16 and 16LT. So I got the regular 16 and cut 1/2" off the sheer panels before gluing on the sheerclamps and reduced the arc of the back bulkhead 1/2". Essentially making a 16MT.

Craig could do the same thing but with a few more modifications.

Get a Ch17, cut the sheer panels down 3/4" swap out the deck beam for a temporary one with tighter radius,,maybe 14 1/2" and trim the aft bulkhead for the lower sheer height. The temporary deck beam is there just until the coaming stack is cured, like the A.Hawk.

He'd end up with less shin scraping than the LT and as much leg room as the standard.

Like making meatloaf exact proportions aren't necessary.

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