Re: question on length

Posted by Kyle T on Jan 26, 2007

The long length of the boat should not be a concern on paddling a tandem unless you are in narrow winding streams. The huge volume of the standard CLC double/triple does make it cumbersome to paddle though.

Our group has built three CLC tandems. Two started as standard CLC tandems and one is a Sport tandem. We found the first one to be just too big (wide and high) to be enjoyable to paddle. It is great design if you need a boat for hauling a ton of gear but we rarely do that so it didnít really suit our needs.

For our second tandem we modified the components supplied in the CLC kit to make a narrower boat with lower sides. This resulted in a lighter more maneuverable kayak. The modified tandem is still stable enough that I can stand up in the rear seat if the person in the front is staying still. Itís not nearly as fast as the Sport Tandem but it's more comfortable to sit in for most of our group.

When all the kayaks are being used there is generally a fight over who gets to paddle the modified yak. I can explain the mods in detail to anyone interested.


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