Re: Ches 17 vs 17LT vs 18

Posted by Chuck Rhodes on Jan 26, 2007


Over the last two years I built both a Chesapeake 17 and a 17(LT). I built the 17 to be comfortable paddling for my 6'4", 200 pound frame and size 12 feet. I am very happy with the 17 and it paddles, turns, and performs great for me and I am sure would be a perfect fit for you as well. It glides along very well and is quite fast for its size and design. I made the 17(LT) for my wife but I also enjoy paddling it as well. I really love the way it turns with my weight in it and it supports my weight well too. However, probably due to my longer legs sticking farther under the deck, and the deck being a lower than the 17, my feet are a little tighter fit and therefore less comfortable after awhile.

I also noticed that the seat back support is a little lower on my back due to the rear deck height being less than the 17. This is not really a problem for me on shorter paddles but liking the lower back support I get on the 17 better, and my foot size/long legs, I choose the 17 for long paddles for greater comfort. I personally think 220 pounds my be pushing it a little for the 17(LT) and would recommend the 17.

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