Ches 17 vs 17LT vs 18LT

Posted by Craig GB on Jan 26, 2007

Well I guess the subject says it all.. I need to make a decission and the contenders are the Chesapeake 17, 17LT or 18LT. My biggest concern is being on the upper limit of the weight for the 17LT (at 220 lbs and 6'3"). The 17 has a slightly higer upper end to the reccomended padler weight (at 250 lbs) and I note in "The New Kayak Shop" that the 18LT is for padlers over 200 lbs. The boat is for recreational day work with an occasional overnighter. My inclination therefore is to go with the 17LT. I don't have large feet so the 17LT won't be a problem in that regard. My feeling is not to go for the larger boats.. the 17 with more vol or the 18LT just that much larger overall. My only concern with settling on the 17LT is that I have read many great comments on the 17LT from 5'-somethings that weigh 170-something but noting from bigger folks. Soif you have the necessary qualifications (dimentions) please feel free to fill me in and help with my decisson.