question on length

Posted by TRACY (newbie) on Jan 25, 2007

I'm looking at purchasing the plans for the chessapeak tandem kayak. I've always wanted a kayak and I have a good friend who wants to come adventuring with me. (As a note whe are both reletivly unskilled our only experiance being on guided trips and with rentals down recreational rivers and lakes.) I'm worried that 21' will be too lond for our needs. I live in ohio and will never be on the sea. I would like to kayak along the shore of Lake Erie, and around Kellys island. But I don't want to rule out going down smaller rivers like the mohican and the huron river and smaller recreational lakes. Because they are pretty senic and nice for an afternoon trip.

I would be so disapointed if I spent the time and money and then couln't really use it. So I wonder if anyone has any advise or suggestions.

Thank you