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Posted by CLC on Jan 24, 2007

The Tred Avon was CLC's main tandem sea kayak for 4-5 years in the 1990's. It was a cousin to the Cape Charles series of CLC kayaks. Enormous numbers of them were built---easily more than a thousand, making conservative guesses on how many were built from plans. At 21 feet it was reasonably roomy, but not an especially high-volume boat by sea kayak standards. Tred Avons were known to be very fast but also a little wet. Once the "Chesapeake" series of kayaks came along it was logical to adapt that shape and technology to a new double, the "Chesapeake Double," which is a much larger boat, easier to build, and drier in waves but not quite as fast. Tred Avon builders often asked for more storage volume and the Chesapeake Double has that.

Chesapeake Double

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