Re: Gap below bulkheads

Posted by George K on Jan 23, 2007

Yup, it matters. The bulkheads make two water tight compartments for and aft of the cockpit so they need to fit the bottom. 5/8" is a pretty large fillet to fill it in. Is the bottom fair? No flat spots, no excess rocker? Sight along the bottom, which can be tricky with all the wires, but check it for the above. You can also use a long straight edge beside the wires, or a taught string, to look for problem areas. If it looks good, and I had this same opportunity (we don't have problems, we have opportunities...), you can make two small triangles with scrap okume to fit under each bulkhead. For instance the rear triangles would be 5/8" high and taper out toward the sides of the hull. Epoxy them in place. By the time the bulkheads are filletted in you won't even notice. The easiest way is to just push the bottom up to the bulkheads, temporarily wire it in place and check the bottom for fairness. My experience is it won't be. However, if it is you don't need those triangles!

George K

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