hull fairing question

Posted by ndeanmoseyjr on Jan 23, 2007

Working on an MC13 and have been thoroughly enjoying the process. I have to say that in taking my time in the assembly, the hull has taken virtually no tweaking "right out of the box". Very square and plumb. Had to do a bit of trimming (about 1/8 -3/16") off the bilge panels at the stern. My question is this: While everything is tight (inside edges together) and square, where the bilge panel meets the sheer panel at the stern end, they will not draw down entirely together for about the last 3 to 4"s. Very slight gap at the tail end of the seam of maybe 1/8" at most. I can clamp it but the wiring won't hold it together. Am I making a mountain out of a molehill and will my fillets adequately take care of this? I'm hesitant to clamp it tight and have the joint subject to undue stress just because of my anal tendencies. I am looking at a painted hull so bright finish concerns aren't of the same priority. Thanks. Dean