Meet at the Beach - MN 07

Posted by Bryan Hansel on Jan 22, 2007

Join us for Minnesota�s wooden canoe and kayak Meet at the Beach 2007. The event will occur on Lutsen Resort�s beautiful beach the weekend of June 16-17. All wooden kayak and canoe builders are welcome to bring their boats to show off and let others paddle them in the waters of Lake Superior. Every type of wooden construction is welcome from Stitch and Glue, cedar strip, skin-on-frame, and everything in between. And the event is open to the public.

Lutsen Resort is letting us use their beach for free, and they're giving us a nice package option for two. So, you can bring your wife, husband, SO, or just double up if you want to stay onsite. A link to a page I've set up is below. Lutsen Resort will also add a page to their website about the event soon. A picture of the Lutsen Resort beach is below also. The beach changes with every storm and in this picture is actually smaller than it currently is.

I think it would be great to get volunteers that can help out demonstrating skills in the following areas: Sea Kayak Rolling Demo, Greenland Paddling Skills Demo, Basic Canoe and Kayak stroke skills, Canoe Ballet, Canoe and Kayak Rescue Demos. I'm thinking 15 minute demos. We'll have two ACA (American Canoe Association) kayak instructors on site to help out, but I don't want to tie them up in skill demos all day.

Also looking for builders that can demonstrate: Building Technique Demos (you pick what), Greenland Paddle Building Demo, or other ideas. Don't know how long these should or would be.

Other possibilities are slide shows, etc... if anyone wants to volunteer. Email me if you want to volunteer.

We have a few other things in the works, and I'll post them as I verify the details. We will have a 26' Voyager canoe on the beach to use in the morning. And kayak tours guided by Lake Superior kayaking guides.

Meet at the Beach - MN 2007


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