Re: Sanding into weave

Posted by Kim on Jan 22, 2007

I am in my living room. 80 all the time would not be comfortable. In Ohio, I cannot heat my garage with out large amounts of heat with carton dioxide and moisture. A halogen light is heating my jug thermometer to 90-109 degrees. It has been on for over a day. I am assuming it would reach this temp quite often in the summer and not hurt it. My living room is at 80 now and has been for 2 hours. I see no other way. My batches will be one squirt each. I expect 4 squirts to do the job. If I continue to have runs I think I will just sand it and leave it at that. Hopefully the varnish will bring back the shine? After 8 coats I am about to give up on a perfect finish.

I did heat some ceramic epoxy in a mic once. On a completely different job. (With humorous results) Fine when I pulled it out. But hard 30 sec. later as I got to my job.)

If all goes well, film tomorrow.

Thx Kim

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