Re: Retrofit rubrail

Posted by Mac on Jan 22, 2007


As to the actual dimensions of CLC's mahogany rub rails. I don't know - I'll leave that for someone else.

The rub strips are a good idea for the keel's bow and stern which in most cases, take some abuse with normal handling.

Your hull will get scratches from normal wear and tear - fact of life.

If however, you feel your bottom is going to get heavily scratched-up and gouged with gravel type shores, another layer of cloth and epoxy is probably the way to go. But, HEAVY! We ain't talking ounces here!

You may want to think about adding graphite to your additional bottom coats. It really toughens the epoxy.

Think about how important weight will be in your case - Car-Topping? Portaging? etc. Then decide between bottom maintenance and bullet proof.



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