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Posted by David Warren on Jan 21, 2007

I agree that ther's nothing to stop you from finishing the hull bright varnished, but...

I had the same wondering when I was buildling my (similar-looking) Sassafras canoe. I decided to go with a painted hull and bright interior because finishing a hull ready for varnish requires a little more fiddle-work to look really good (especially the stem looks better if finished with a wooden stem strip). If you paint it, you can just build up a faired epoxy and glass stem, which is perfectly functional and takes a whack better than wood. Also, any hull will sooner or later get deep scratches and gouges. With paint, it's just a matter of filling and painting over, and it's like new again, but with varnish they will always be visible (of course many people are proud of their scratches, which is cool too. These things are made for using, not just sitting pretty).

If you decide to go with paint, I recommend an off-white (or some other light colour) just because pure white looks too modern for a traditional-styled boat, and darker colors tend to make the lap-lines disappear.

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