Re: Retrofit rubrail

Posted by Mac on Jan 21, 2007


I wouldn't use cedar - very soft.

Nor would I use 42+ feet of brass - very heavy. If you do go this way, however, brass can be shaped easily to create tapered ends.

I would use 1/8th inch thick by 3/4 to 1 inch wide hardwood strips. They are also easily tapered and, as mentioned, need two scarfs per side. I would cut the scarfs and them glue them together on the boat - not before.

I've used mahogany and maple. Others have used oak. I like the idea of very light coloured trim - it really looks nice against the honey-coloured hull and deck

I've also added bronze nails (CLC sells 'em) more for looks than anything. Space them about 7 inches apart down the rail, or stager them with the deck nails if that's how your double was built. I love the antique look this provides to a varnished boat.

Any way you do it will be fun - and adds your personal touch.


Mac from Montreal

In Response to: Retrofit rubrail by Julian on Jan 20, 2007