Re: First Kayak/Stuff Nee

Posted by LeeG on Jan 18, 2007

1. Shinto rasp is a nice tool for rounding the bow/stern.

2. BOX of 2" foam brushes

3. two boxes of gloves, double gloving will help reduce epoxy mess migrating to household.

4. long sleeve shirt to reduce chance of getting epoxy on inside of forearms.

5. play with small quantities of epoxy in different temps/applications to get a sense of it's cure times.

6. make a 2'x16' table

7. roundover the inside of the sheerclamps and inside edge of the coaming a LOT. Too many first time constructions with sharp edges on coaming and deck beam. Actually you could make the deck beam temporary just for deck installation just like the A.hawk which will give the lower deck LT more usable shin clearance. The Chesapeake coaming is a nice user friendly configuration that shouldn't have a shin scraper in front.

8. don't bother getting a pricey paddle right off. You'll need a spare paddle eventually so save the big bucks for a paddle based on paddling experience.

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