Re: Final epoxy coat

Posted by Dave Houser on Jan 17, 2007

When epoxy is applied, even with tipping off, it tends to build up with the profile of the cloth weave. So when you start sanding it looks like you are removing cloth when you are only sanding the highs of the epoxy. When you sand into the glass cloth a white checker board shows. Sanding dry shows the white weave much better than sanding wet so use a ROS with 60 or 80 grit and attach a shop vac to remove the dust between the sandpaper and the work, the paper will sand faster and last longer. You will need to sand until all of the shiny dimples disappear. You will sand into the glass at the edges where it is lapped double (bow, stern and deck overlap) and touch it here and there at wrinkles. If you just touch it and do not go through it in small areas (size of a quarter) a couple feet apart you will be ok.

I like to apply all of the fill coats get a good cure and then sand with the 80 grit. Then apply one last fill coat to cover any touched glass and fill the sanding scratches. Then cure and sand with 120 grit and finer. This avoids going any deeper into the glass in those touched spots while removing those 80 grit scratches.

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