Re: Clamps and wine

Posted by George K on Jan 17, 2007


If you buy a CLC kit it will come with everything needed for a complete boat. Seats, rigging, hardware, wood, epoxy, 'glass, wood flour, silica, etc. Enough will be supplied that you shouldn't have to buy more epoxy unless you mix huge batches that go off in the pot and you end up wasting a lot. Mix small batches until you're comfortable with it. The CLC guys have figured out how much it takes for a novice to build. I had extra on my first boat, also a 17LT, and have had even more left over on every other boat. Eventually you have enough left over to completely build another boat which is another reason you just can't stop with one!

As far as tools the most important you can have is clamps (at least 20-30 2" or larger), a good low angle block plane (Lie-Neilson makes a real good one), pliers, Japanese hand saw (Ryobi type sold here, optional but once you use one you'll always use it!)and a Shinto rasp comes in handy also. Then there are the disposable items - gloves (go get a box of 100 one size fits all), sandpaper in 60 (or 80!), 150 and 220 grits, wet/dry sandpaper in 320-400 grits, 1" chip brushes for applying thickened epoxy, 2" foam brushes for applying varnish, yellow foam rollers for applying epoxy or plastic spreader for the same. I'd buy both and figure out which works best for you.

And the most important piece of equipment you can have in your shop is a stool on which you can sit and look at the pile of plywood panels becoming a boat. I've built several now and I still can't get over how the hull takes shape and you get all these beautiful curves out of a bunch of flat plywood. And you might want to take Chris' advice and enjoy that wine while admiring your work.

Enjoy the build and welcome to the club!

George K

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