understand. I use stones

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jan 15, 2007

also, since they stay out on my bench all the time. I don't have time in a workday to get out the stuff and make a production of sharpening. So I keep the stones right there and do frequent touch ups.

Or, when I'm using things like block planes, I'll sharpen 3 or 4 of them and set them near where I'm working. Then when one gets sorta dull, I'll put it down and grab the next one. Then touch up all those irons at one time and go back to work.

Of course, the average home builder won't have the number of planes I have . Probably because I'm a "plane-a-holic" Can't pass one up when I see an oldie but goodie for sale somewhere *grin* I've got maybe 25 planes in the shop. I'm the same way with chisels- got a whole drawer full, plus a canvas roll with a dozen more for traveling jobs.

But Scary Sharp IS a very good method for the home wood worker. It's inexpensive, easy to use and gives a really sharp edge. By the way- if you use wet or dry papers, you can just wet the glass and squeegee the paper down- the hydrostatic lock will hold it in place for the most part.

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