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Posted by Mac on Jan 15, 2007

Chris J.

I retrofitted a Valley Canoe hatch.

Instead of trying to install another bulkhead, I got one of those large waterproof deck bags with a large enough diameter that I could incorporate the bag with a gasket on the inside ring of the flange - under the deck. (If THAT makes any sense!)

The neat thing about this is I can find everything in the hatch easily with my right hand reaching behind me. The stuff stays in the bag - doesn't roll over to the other side. Also, if I need all the room in the rear hatch, the bag, when emptied, just collapses like it wasn't there.

Should I take a roll with the cap off, only the bag fills up - a LOT less than the space between two bulkheads.

Anyhoo - works for me.......

Mac from Montreal

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