scarfing is simple

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jan 14, 2007

rough cut the panels to the size you'll need, leaving some excess width. You'll need a sturdy table with a square end.

Mark off the length of the scarf on one panel- for 4mm I use 2 inches. Lay the very end of the ply on the table with it lined up with the edge. Lay the next piece of ply on top of that, with the edge aligned with the pencil line. If you want to do more than two, keep adding plys.

When you are ready, secure the stack so it won't move and start planing away the steps. You can clamp a heavy board across or screw the panel down, depending one weather it's to be finished bright or not. The interior plys will show up as lines that will guide your planing. Plane til the surface is flat and those lines are straight. You will need a sharp plane by the way- REALLY sharp.

On 4 MM ply a good scarf should take less than 15 minutes or less, start to finish.

I think there is a write up on scarfing in the tips and hints section. It's nothing to be afraid of. Besides, if you mess up, just slide every thing forward a quarter inch and start over. Grin

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