Re: Glass butt joint?

Posted by LeeG on Jan 14, 2007

The only reason for the scarf is if the deck panel has a section that needs to bend otherwise it's irrelvant in the hull sections. If you make the sheerclamps a minimal thickness (the A.Hawk sheerclamps are 3/18") you can reduce the tension in the panels as they're taped/stitched up and reduce the weight a LOT. A triangular sheerlamp about 1/2" thick and 1" tall is sufficient. Instead of putting deck hardware into the sheerclamps put it through the deck with machine screws, 1/2"washers and locknuts.

At this point of venturing off script make the bulkheads out of 4mm and not 6mm to save weight, make the sheerclammps go to the very ends and reduce the end pours significantly.

Consider making the deckbeam removable after the coaming stack is cured and save shin scraping clearance, same as A. Hawk.

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