Glass butt joint?

Posted by Sander Saelthun on Jan 14, 2007

I'm building a Chesapepeak 16 from plans, first time builder. I'm a bit sceared by the thought of scarf joining those thin 4 mm plywood panels. Why not use the glass butt joint as described by "Dynamite" Payson (butt joint with fiberglass tape on both sides, no plywood butt block)? It seems to me like a easy and logical way to join the panels. Mayby not as pretty as a perfect scarf joint - but I suppose a less-perfect scarf joint is more likely at the bottom line..

And while already having cursed in the church; Why not using strong tape (duct-tape) to join the panels instead of drilling a lot of holes and stiching with copper wire? At least in the mid section of the kayak, where the tension and twist is less?