Re: reglassing hull botto

Posted by LeeG on Jan 14, 2007

I covered the entire bottom of a Ch16 with 4oz s-glass and 5oz polyester cloth (similar to CLCs "dynel"). That large amount of polyster cloth used up about a gallon of epoxy.

Dynel is best for boats that already weigh hundreds-thousands of pounds. The dynel strips were an experiment, the way the Arctic Hawk is finished using cabosil/woodflour/epoxy putty is the most economical method for building up a THICK ablative layer in a small area.

One could make a "football" of polyester below the water line but there are other ways to maximise wear/durabilty against impacts without wasting epoxy or leaving an ugly finish. Raka has a fine weave 3.25 oz cloth that requires very little in the way of fill coats and costs the same as 4oz glass.

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