New CNC Machine Arrives

Posted by CLC on Jan 12, 2007

Thursday evening our brand new CNC machine arrived. It was built for us by AXYZ Automation of Burlington, Ontario. Superficially it's much like our old machine, also by AXYZ, which I installed back in the fall of 1997. The new one is more powerful, having a larger spindle (built by Elte of Italy), bigger servos, and a much more powerful vacuum table. The vacuum holds the plywood down on the table while the machine cuts out the parts.

We had upgraded the software and motherboard on the old machine last summer, with the happy result that we don't have to convert any files or learn anything new. We can resume operations at once.

The new vacuum pump (by Becker of Germany) is 10hp instead of 7hp, but it's about four times larger than the old one. After much puzzlement we found a place for it beneath the steps leading up to the CNC shop mezzanine.

New CNC Machine Arrives