Sharp grit on paper

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 11, 2007

If you change the paper often you will sand the boat faster. A 100 grit paper changed often to keep the grit sharp will sand the rough spots fairly quickly without the risk of damaging the weave. I use 60 grit for sanding off really rough and bumpy areas. I will switch to 80 grit for smaller stuff and then go to 100 grit for more careful work. Grit sharpness of the paper is as important as the sharpness of a saw blade when trying to do fine cuts - if it ain't sharp yer gonna mash the edges and prolly smoke up yer garage (been there, done that). The cost of the paper is worth the frequent paper changes when considering the calue of the time you put into the kayak and the kayak itself.

Robert (K)N(ows) Pruden

In Response to: Re: Sanding into weave by Laszlo on Jan 10, 2007