Re: Sanding into weave

Posted by Dave Houser on Jan 11, 2007

I use 80 grit and none finer if another fill coat is going to be applied. I suggest you scrape off the bumps and drips first then sand where you are going to feather the glass at the double layer second, then sand the fill coats. When feathering, keep the sander off the single layer. This order of sanding will help to avoid sanding through the single glass around the bumps and across the feathered layers. You will sand into the glass intentionally at the feathering and will learn to recognize the white checkerboarding of the glass and then know what to avoid when sanding the fill coats. Attach a shop vacuum to your ROS, your paper will sand faster and last longer. Do not be tempted to wet sand the epoxy because the water hides the checkerboarding. Wet sanding will be necessary between varnish or paint coats to avoid clogged sandpaper.

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