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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jan 11, 2007

Here is my trip report for today, George.

I awoke this morning to the thrumping sounds of wind howling through the tall frozen evergreens that surround my tiny prairie home. I felt cold while nestled under my quilt and wondered if the predicted storm had hit. I peered out from under the quilt through my sleep dusted eyes and tried to see what weather was upon me for this day. The sun was hidden from view so I gathered that I had only woke up earlier than planned. I checked the clock and was aghast to see that the time was 0900h. I heard wind gusts slam branches from the evergreens against the roof of the house and knew that the storm had not yet passed. After dressing, I walked to the kitchen window and peeked outside. I could no longer see the VJ, not her hull nor her bow - she was completely buried by drifted snow and the wind was making the situation worse. The sight chilled the blood in my veins and my body released an involuntary shiver. I thought of my southern friends and hoped they would encounter some most excellent good forture and win a lottery then think of me marooned within the icy Canadian prairies and send me a ticket to get me and my kayak out of this frozen hell. Does anyone hear me?

Robert (Hiber)N(ating) Pruden

In Response to: Paddling report by George K on Jan 9, 2007