Re: Sanding into weave

Posted by gober on Jan 10, 2007


You need to use a more aggressive sand paper. You will spend too much time sanding if you stick with 120. I used 80 grit then followed by 120 and a little 220. The quality of the paper also makes a huge difference. My dad gave me several partial rolls of 3M paper that he uses at his car repair shop, it never clogged up. When I ran out I bought a roll of cheap 80 paper at Harbor Freight, I can barely sand a foot before it clogs and needed to be changed. I was in a hurry to get my boat in the water so my topcoat is a thin coat of epoxy. One day Ill get around to sanding her down with 220 and varnishing. To me, it looks like you still have plenty of epoxy before you hit glass.


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