Re: Sanding into weave

Posted by George K on Jan 10, 2007

Only 120 grit? Come on, man, get out the 60 and fire that ROS up! It'll knock those high spots off in a heartbeat. If you do it after applying the third coat you really shouldn't have to worry about sanding into the weave. If you do happen to hit it, it won't look fuzzy. It'll look like a bunch of little squares as you tip off the top of the weave. Nothing to worry about but don't go any further. Normally I'll sand the entire boat with 60 after the third fill coat and that will reveal any low spots that might need a bit more epoxy. Roll another thin coat on the entire boat if necessary, it's not going to add a lot of weight, then sand with 150 followed by 220. Ready for varnish at that point. And remember, as John says in the Zen video, "Sanding is fun, sanding is fun....."

George K

In Response to: Sanding into weave by Mike on Jan 10, 2007