Another Paddling report

Posted by Andrew Sommer on Jan 9, 2007

Sunday December 31st I was kayaking Turkey Creek which is about 40 minutes south of Thousand Islands Cocoa Beach, Florida, I launched from Goode Park and decided to take my time going up so I first went out the mouth then up to the dam. The species count was high even for the normal high count one gets at Turkey Creek.

Turkey Creek is a gem of a short paddle surrounded by suburban Palm Bay, Florida. An easy 2 hour paddle up and back if that. In that Two hours I saw, I kid you not....

-4 Dolphin fishing in the mouth along with two manatees,. I didn't get closer then 30' to the dolphins - numerous rolling Terrapin 4-6' each -Jumping mullet of course -Blue herons...too many to count Pelicans -Two green herons standing their ground as usual, you can paddle within 2-3 feet and they wont move -Ibis - two flocks foraging on the banks -Small group of Moorish Hens by the Bethesda Cut (local Know the spot) -5 Alligators two of them 8-10' sunning on banks -One Large 6 foot Iguana - non native species on North side of Bethesda cut -AND when I got back to the Dock to take out I spent another hour viewing a huge herd of about 20 manatees by the boat ramp. Even witnessed one get hit by the hull of a slow moving boat...a mutual adrenalin rush which caused all twenty to simultaneously dive Yes Florida is great paddling this time of year!

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