Re: Final epoxy coat

Posted by gober on Jan 6, 2007

Kim, I have a strong feeling that your weave is plenty full. You probably just need to sand more. In my experience the fill coats tend to fill the low and high spots at the same rate. If you are expecting the fill coats to leave a smooth surface, you will apply too much epoxy before its smooth. Check out the link that Alan included, you are probably seeing the humps described in image 3. Depending how long the epoxy has been on it may take more than light sanding. If I were you, my plan of action would be a good sanding all over. Then I would look for any shiny low spots. If you see any, you probably will, squeegee a super thin coat, let it cure, then sand again. Repeat this process until when you sand its all dull looking, then you are good to varnish. You maybe asking how much is “super thin”. Using the squeegee you should be able to coat the entire hull in less than two or three ounces.


In Response to: Re: Final epoxy coat by Alan Speakman on Jan 6, 2007