Hybrid Cockpit Form Tips

Posted by John Beck on Jan 4, 2007

I hope this post saves future builders the trouble of fitting forms 8 through 10 and then having to remove and relocate them so they align with the cockpit form.

While fitting the temporary cockpit forms into my Shearwater 17 hull I thought I would share my thoughts on fitting the forms 8 thru 10.5 within the cockpit to expand on the manuals instructions, and I quote "In the cockpit area, you will have to install the cockpit form into the notches in the deck forms." True enough, but the fact that the cockpit form slots need to align with the deck forms requires that deck forms 8 thru 10 be exactly, and I mean exactly, in the proper place. The fit of the cockpit form over the deck form is a force fit, so there is zero tolerance on location.

For the 17 (I'm not sure of the 14 or 16) you may need to cut off the aft end of the cockpit form per June 16 post on the subject. I got my kit right after Okoumefest, so CLC may have fixed it for recent kits. If it's too long then cut the form off at the aft end of the current slot. Then cut a new notch into the end of the form to same depth as the original slot. The cut off end of the form then butts up against the rear bulkhead. The aft end locates the fore/aft position of the form. With the cockpit form fit into deck form 10.5 align it with the centerline of the boat and position the forward end at approximately the height of form 8. Use a framing square to mark the location of the slots in the cockpit form onto the shear clamp on both sides of the boat. Remove the cockpit form and tack the deck forms in with hot glue. Start the cockpit form over the deck forms and use a quik-clamp at each deck form to evenly pull the cockpit form onto the deck forms. Viola.

Happy building, John


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