Re: Untaped Fillets

Posted by John Beck on Jan 4, 2007

If the goal is a strong joint with a smooth surface then create the joint with wood flour for strength while being neat in application. Apply the epoxy/wood flour with the appropriately radiused tool. After it is cured, then make up a batch of epoxy and 100% micro-light (West 410, BTW when you pick up the gallon sized container at the store and you think it's empty; not to worry micro light is as light as air) as marine bondo and apply over the fillet to fill the rough wood flour surface. Micro sands very quickly and leaves a smooth surface. Glue sandpaper to a 4" length of the appropriate sized PVC pipe to create the perfect joint.

The color of microlight is rather pale and doesn't fit too well with varnished surfaces, but neither does wood flour.

Good luck, John

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