Re: Untaped Fillets

Posted by Steve on Jan 4, 2007

Thanks for the responses.

I asked the question for two reasons. First, I noticiced how non-smooth a 100% wood flour filler epoxy mixture was when doing some fairing work on my Pram.

Second, I've been reading "Kayaks You Can Build: An Illustrated Guide to Plywood Construction" by Ted Moores and Greg Rossel. In their book they discourage the use of wood flour. Interestingly, they recommend making fillets out of a mixture of West microlight and microballons (mostly microlight). This seems like it would result in smooth, but very weak fillets. West says microlight should not be used for fillets, only for fairing.

It did get me wondering about mixtures using silica and microlight with either wood flour and/or microbaloons for color matching.

It sounds like I should stick with the wood flour, but augment it with the silica.

Using microlight in a way that color matches it with epoxy-covered okume for filling the stitch holes sounds interesting, however. Has anyone done this?

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