What I've learned so far

Posted by Mike on Jan 2, 2007

Howdy fellers,

Here's a picture of my Shearwater 17 HB in dry dock. (I don't know how to post more than one) I'm learning all about epoxy and fiberglassing right now. So far, it has not been a total nightmare, but I have learned a thing or two. They are:

1) The epoxy loves to run unless it is put on in micron thick applications.

2) When putting down the glass on cut edges, I found that I get less angel hair or unravelling when I first wet the glass past where I plan to cut it, then lift if up and cut it (where it is saturated with epoxy), then lay it back down. It only needs a small amount of work to get it to fully adhere again, much much less than cutting it dry and then trying to saturate it.

This is what I have learned so far, I think.....

The picture is just of the bow after the first layer of glass. I am fairly pleased so far :)