Re: Work Surface

Posted by Mac on Dec 30, 2006


Two 4 x 8 of 1/2" ply end to end is best. If you don't have the room, 1 sheet ripped makes a 2' x 16' surface. (It works - I'm on boat # 4 using 2' x 8' as my garage is full of fire wood). You won't use the 16' surface for all that long once you've stitched the hull. You'll move on the saw horses and then stands equiped with slings - see CLC Shop Tips.

One tip is to cover your work surface with plastic sheeting (epoxy won't stick to it). This same plastic allows you to clamp your scarf joints easily. I've also had success with waxed paper - just be sure to sand the joints before fiberglassing to remove any residual wax which MAY renain. You'll use these little bits of plastic sheeting or waxed paper throughout the build to keep clamps from sticking to your work - ie: cockpit coaming.

Another tip - watch John Harris build a 16 on the DVD. He kinda knows what he's doing - and he's entertaining.

Full speed ahaead - damn the torpedos - have fun!



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