Re: 20ft outriggers

Posted by don on Dec 29, 2006

Nice link - love the windrider design, especially the foiled rave...

Question for you from the FAQ's - I am assuming that you have incorporated into the ama design the necessary keel to give an appropriate amount of Lateral Resistance to the Sail area you are flying...

Did you consider another approach (daggerboard or centerboard)? From some of the digging around I have done, there is definitely an arguement to this, especially when it comes to expanding points of sail, as described in the FAQ's...

Another thought would be to add a clear bimini or 'windshield as I can picture your ride being a bit wet as it leaves the jet skiers in it's wake...speaking of skiing, perhaps you should incorporate an anchoring point for a waterskiing rope - wouldn't that blow some people's minds! :)

Keep us all informed - very interesting design!


In Response to: 20ft outriggers by Brian Cunningham on Dec 27, 2006