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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 27, 2006

I beg to differ. My boats are all painted with Tremclad Rust Paint, known as Rustoleum in the good ole US of A. Once cured, the paint sticks well to glossy epoxy. It is subject to being scraped off but the cured paint is tough to scrape off. An outer coating of paint can easily be touched up in case of scratches too. I have to repair my boats every spring due to abuses of one kind or another so its also not a lot of effort to do the touch ups. Generally, I don't have to do much for touch ups. The beauty of such a paint job is that with a lot of sanding, you can repaint a new image on your boat when the whim hits you. I did that this year but do not have a new pic of the new paint job posted anywhere. I hope this helps ya.

Robert N Pruden

Tremclad Paint Job

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