minimal sanding

Posted by Q,A, Jaqer on Dec 27, 2006

This may be heresy, but I woke last night and asked myself why sand the

: epoxy before painting? From what I have read this is to make the boat

: look sleek or good and maybe reduce its weight a smidgen. If I do not

: mind the unevenness the few runs I could sand or scrape these out and

: just paint over the three coats of epoxy would I not have more protection

: from water and sand [probably not oyster beds]. Has anyone just done

: this? skipped most of the sanding and painted unsanded epoxy or do I need

: to at least sand it with 150 or 220 grit to give tooth for the paint??


John at CLC answered--The paint won't stick to glossy epoxy, at least not for long. So you really need to sand if only for that reason.

Do I need to take it almost all off though? or just scratch the surface? Anyone with experience with minimal sanding??